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Two months after the OBB Vectrons took service, nearly all freight trains to Italy are hauled by class locomotives, while class Taurus are affected to passengers service. The couple in the picture is ready to haul the EKOL train northbound, while another sister is -unseen- at the head of the containers train Sopron-Trieste, just arrived from Villach and waiting to leave again southbound. GoogleEarth: - - foto: Luca Seria. Il treno pesa 1. A Novatrans Dourges-Perpignan sided in Valenton for change of the driver. This train is 1. But according to the report of the picture author, combining speed and weigh brougt some trouble: while leaving Bordeaux an hook collapsed and the train broke in two GoogleEarth: - - foto: Sylvain Assez.

Su un binario a lato un treno di furgoni. From Brenner, a snowfall again, with a train ready to travel downhill to Verona hauled by Lokomotion. On the next track, a van-carrier train. See more pics on my flickr account GoogleEarth: - - foto: Fulvio Quattroccolo.

Trains in Italy

Early snow at Brennero, in the morning of october 28, with a train just arrived from Italian side hauled by a couple of DB Cargo class Sullo sfondo si vede un treno di tramogge appena partito in direzione Bivio Aurisina The same train as below, caught in Monfalcone before leaving, with pushing behind the 20 wagons type H.

GoogleEarth: - - foto: courtesy of InRail.

In coda la in spinta. At the rear the pushing. Heading a train of empty van carrier wagons boud for Fossacesia, this is waiting at the signal by Bologna Bivio San Vitale that the FrecciaRossa Milano-Bari passes through before to leave the freight bypass line and enter the Adriatica route.

After taking over in Verona of this train coming from Villa Opicina and then arriving in Carmagnola, this ETC Vectron operates shunting for the unloading in the area of the station. A Pescara Centrale il treno effettua una sosta per cambio pesonale di macchina. CFI operates an intermodal train between Fiorenzuola d'Arda Piacenza and Giovinazzo BA , carrying containers, swap-bodies many owned by Mercitlia Logistics and Lugo Terminal and also including some pocketcars loaded with semitrailers labeled P; the train on Aug.

In Pescara Centrale it stops for a change of drivers' staff.. GoogleEarth: - - foto: Marcus Schroedter via Railcolor. A train of the VIIA net with Modalohr railcars; to remark, the rack includes also regular containercarriers 60' laden with some tankcontainers. GoogleEarth: - - foto: SZ - pontecurone.

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GoogleEarth: - - foto: Helmuth van Lier. Looks like an old times picture: a CC loco in "Maurienne" livery from '70ies hauled a special train under an heavy snowfall as not seen since years. One of the trains fromm Trieste to Germany, hauled by Vectrons of Lokomotion, used by Turkish transporters and Samskip, is running the Tauernbahn amid the mountauins in Karnten. A train Paris Valenton - Brive is waiting in peculiar station of Limoges GoogleEarth: - - foto: JB via Twitter. Nell'area di Metz il treno si spinge a nord fino allo scalo di Woippy dove effettua per servizio un cambio macchina e inverte la direzione di marcia.

In Metz area, the trains stretches to north to Woippy marshalling yard, where due to roster plans it has to change the engine and restart in south direction. GoogleEarth: - - foto: Greg Haas. GoogleEarth: - - foto: Vincent Torterotot. On this train may travel also units bound for Italy, which from Miramas follow on the train of Metrocargo Italia.

A train Perpignan-Dourges of Novatrans. The Turkish forwarder reached an agreement with Marseille port to reach North of France by train, competing with Trieste port to date unique access port to Europe and excluding port of Genova because this can not offer an adequate train connection.. Barcelona can be reached using the new HSL by european gauge; for traffic to Northern Europe train can be gathering, while from Italy it is usually more convenient to load trucks on short sea boats, this mode allowing to arrive in Southern Spain too..

An intermodal trai mt. GoogleEarth: - - foto: Marco Stellini.

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Not usual to see pictures from the intermodal terminal in Curtici Romania , where several rail services from Central Europe are headed. Again from my trips to Abruzzo, a shot of a of Sangritana heading a train of new vans just delivered from Sevel factory. A of Sangritana heading a train of empty wagons for Vans, strange northbound, waiting for priority in Imola.

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Euro Cargo Rail is the French subsidiary of German DB Schenker Rail and operates several intermodal and conventional trains, like this one with H railcars of Transwaggon under a nice cloudy sky. Locomotive of Trenitalia Cargo passes through Ortona station short after leavong from Fossacesia, northbound with one of many block trains laden with vans out of the Sevel factory in Atessa.

Arrived some times before with a batch of empty wagons, already taken by a diesel lcomotive of Sangritana and on route to the Sevel factory, this of SNCF, in service for Captrain Italia but driven by CFI staff, is shunting to place ahead its train to Modane and the Frnace on track 7, while on track 6 a train hired to Trenitalia Cargo is ready to leave with an E and on track 5 so is for a train southbound pulled by a E Da notare i fiammanti carri Te rossi di DB New locomotives, new railcars, new train: the first train Frankfurt to Bologna of Kombiverkehr see also my articles for Ship2Shore caught in Kufstein station waiting for te opening of Brenner route, closed after a derailment in fortezza.

Remark the brandnew red Te DB wagons. In the second picture the end of the train with interesting loading units. GoogleEarth: - - foto: Ronnie Beijers. Ecco la SBB parcheggiata su un binario occupato, arrivata poco prima con un treno di cereali per Monfer. They are now licenced, hanks to an agreement with RFI giving some restrictions for the critical sites. Here is the SBB sided on a track already busy, short after coming with a grain train for Monfer. The train Hannover - Verona hauled by TXL for Arcese and Nothegger has a stop in Hall in Tirols, location of Nothegger headquarters, here some wagons are cut off from the rear of the train while the rest is forwarded to Verona.

GoogleEarth: - - foto: Florian Stern. Si tratta di apparati complessi che ancora stanno richiedendo messe a punto e corse di prova, come quella fatta nella prima foto, dalla SNCB , una Traxx versione D-B-F, che vediamo nella seconda foto su un tronchino nella stazione di Kehl in attesa di muoversi per il test..

The bridge over the Rhine between Kehl and Strasbourg is crossed at its halfway by the german-french border. The new bridge was commissioned in late and has automatic devices for commuting electrical feeding and safety systems when passing from one Country to the other. These are adencesd devices, which still need test runs as the one related to the first shot from SNCB , a D. B-F Traxx; we can see it in the second picture, while waiting in Kehl to start for the run.. GoogleEarth: - - foto: Harald S.

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  • Trailers for transport of beer of well known brands, on Twin wagons, hauled by a class of the scandinavian subsidiary of DB Schenker Rail. In the linked youtube video the restart, with good sightseeing on the different loading units - also many trailers not cranable. So there you have it: all of the basic Italian phrases you need to help you discover and start using the Italian language.

    With these phrases in your back pocket, you will soon find yourself having your first basic conversations with native speakers and getting excited about developing your conversational Italian. I'm such a big believer in the power of story to enable you to learn a foreign language. That's why I've created an entire beginner course dedicated to learning Italian by immersing yourself in an engaging story.

    It's my Italian Uncovered course, and it's designed to take you from beginner to B1 Intermediate level. The download also includes a PDF of all the phrases so you can listen and read along at the same time. How many of these phrases did you know already? Which new phrases do you think will be most useful for you in your conversations?

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    Perhaps you're fascinated by Italian culture. Or Italian people and their way of life. Click here to grab your copy now! Simple Italian Greetings The first thing you need to learn to do in any language is to meet and greet people! Kwal e la spe-chee-a-lee-tay de-la ka-sa? Transport In Italy If you're planning a trip to Italy, you're probably going to need public transport to get around.

    Asking For Directions In Italian Exploring new places is exciting, but it can also be frustrating when you find yourself lost! Here are the Italian phrases you'll need: 58 Mi piace questo — I like this mee pee-a-chay kwes-to 59 Quanto costa questo? Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name.

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